Thursday, August 30, 2012

Keratin hair treatment (Elixirkeratin)

 Today I want to tell you guys about my experience with hair keratin treatment.
My hair is very straight, fine and damage (at this moment). So my goal is not the straight hair, my goal is Treatment by itself, I call it healing (cause is really that good for your hair).
 Keratin is basically the protein which hair produce naturally. But with age and all those damaging heat, processes, coloring etc. our hair loose the keratin. And I think this treatment at least once a year is the best option to bring your hair back to life :))) Which I wanted to do.
 But most exiting part is that I did this treatment by myself at home without spending 500$ and going to the salon. I did brazilian keratin twice in my life and really loved the results.
 I used keratin treatment by company call ElixirKearatin, and is really like Elixir for your hair. Here on my pictures you can see the results and on my videos (youtube) you can see all the process of applying this treatment.
 My hair before the ElixirKeratin Treatment
 And after
 But is not only the look, it's also the feelings of silky, shiny, healthy hair without split ends and frizz.
 All I used is ElixirKeratin Pre-treatment sulfate free shampoo and Hair mask.
I love this company cause they don't test on animals and some ingredients are organic.
So here I'm happy with my hair after ElixirKeratin treatment.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Как я вернула свой натуральный цвет волос - Натурально

Не могла вытерпеть больше отрастающих корней, устала от искусственного блондина - и решилась восстановить цвет, близкий к моим корням.

Я уже почти потеряла все надежды, пошла в Whole Foods и купила натуральную краску - Naturcolor, сначала попробовала на прядочке и ........ урааааааа!!! получилось, покрасив все волосы, осталась очень довольна результатами.

Инструкции к этой краске очень просты. Цвет - Yarrow Blonde N8.
Что вы думаете? :)))