Friday, September 7, 2012

Top 10 secrets of Rejuvenation (Секреты молодости)

Secrets of Rejuvenation
1.  Harmony of your inside world - peace between your soul, body and mind. Be positive and kind to everyone.
I love the words of famous Russian writer Fedor Dostoevsky: "Beauty will safe the world"
Meaning of the "Beauty" here is your internal beauty - beauty of your soul :))

2. Rejuvenating exercises - my rejuvenating workout. This workout gonna be soon on my Russian youtube channel.
So basically is Yoga - amazing Vinyasa Flow. Combination of perfect deep breathing technics and Yoga poses will help you to achieve incredible results.

3. Cut your calorie intake. It's gonna help you to loose weight, to prevent many diseases and stay more active, light and confident :) You can google - calorie calculator - so you can see how many calories your body need every day.
3.  Try not to over eat
4.  Oolong tea as a rejuvenating drink ( I already have post on my blog about oolong tea). Also Vitamin C - try to eat a lot of fruits and veggies with big amount of Vit C.
5.  This secret is only for woman. :)) Pregnancy!
Because of hormones woman look amazing (of cause if she take care of herself): hair and nails grows faster, skin look glowy. Woman has to go through this process by nature.
6.  Resveratrol - powerful antioxidant which is found in grape skin. So Enjoy your glass of (good) wine (no more then 3-4 times a week).
Also some skin care brands make now products with resveratrol in it.

7.  Therapeutic contrast shower - is a great way to stimulate vitality and promote detoxification. Alternate hot and cold water while you are showering.

8.  Love in your life. LOve to yourself, to your other half, to your kids, to life, to God, to animals. etc......
9.  Healthy life style in general - don't drink, don't smoke, don't use drugs; exercise, eat clean and healthy!!!
10. I wish you to find a full HARMONY in your life.
Harmonyofbeauty.. :)))


  1. Katty, many thanks for your adviсes! but more for your love, beaty, amiableness and inspiration for all of us! XO XO

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