Friday, July 13, 2012

Miranda Kerr beauty secrets and why she inspires me now

I love all VS models but Miranda Kerr  really inspires me now.
She's so so natural in every way: she eats so healthy, she does yoga for 10 years (like me :))), she uses all natural and organic skin care and makeup, she has a baby boy and look amazing, she has her own book and skin care line.
 She inspires me to be more healthy, to take care of my skin using everything natural and organic.

So what is her secret to beautiful body and glowing skin?

1. It's her diet
She starts her day with Noni juice

Throughout the day she eats very healthy: a lot of fruits, veggies, nuts, healthy proteins.
Every day she drinks that Miracle shake ( I have recipe on my blog)
For breakfast she usually has cereal (oatmeal) or eggs.
A lot of water of cause.
And very important - everything organic.

2. Exercises
She is a big fan of yoga and Pilates (with some ballet elements)
She said Yoga help her to came back so fast in a great shape after giving birth.

3. Her organic natural skin care.
She has Kora organics skin care line and this is all she use in her skin care routine. 

And OMG I read all the ingridients in each cream and they are amazing. It has Noni juice, antioxidants, vitamins etc.  But you only can order it online and shipping to US is around 40$ but it's definitely gonna be on my wish list.  Seeing her glowing skin I want all of this products :))

She also uses natural makeup - RMS beauty.

4. She does meditation 

Here is my wish list (because of her :))))))
Her book Treasure yourself
And her Kora organics skin care line, and I want EVERYTHING from there - everything


  1. Катя, я с большим удовольствием смотрю Ваш канал и Миранда мне тоже очень нравится! Всю почти тоже самую информацию я недавно прочитала в журнале Vogue, оказывается она училась на nutritionalista. От её созданной косметики и её идеи всего только самого полезного я тоже в восторге и тоже её когда-нибудь хотелось бы попробовать :)

    Я пробовала Noni и вашу чудо водичку тоже пью каждое утро :)
    С уважением и благодарностью, Лена из Австралии.

  2. Катя, я очень интересуюсь вашими видео, мне все так интересно!Не могли бы вы подробно рассказать о тритменте и как вы его делаете?
    (об этом говорилось в этом видео

  3. Катюша, а меня ты вдохновляешь! спасибо тебе! я тоже хочу косметику Кору!!