Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sammydress - cheap and cute clothes, jewelry, shoes......

Today I want to share with you some website with very very cheap clothes, jewelry, shoes and so many other cute things. - for me is more or less similar to Forever 21 but way much cheaper.
They seriously have everything there: things for house, kids staff, beauty, fashion for man and woman.
So (because of the company - they contacted me and offer to pick whatever I like for 15$) - 15$ ??????????????? Funny right? But it's really that cheap so I could pick 4 things for this money :)))
I got nice summer top, necklace, earrings, bracelet. You can see pictures below.
Package came from Hong Kong.
So I think if you want little things what don't cost so much for every day is the great option. Specially if you like me love to have different jewelry to match with every clothes. I can't say quality of clothes is gonna be Dolce Gabanna like but for every day is great.

Definitely go to check this out. Hope you will find something you like :)))))))
Video on russian coming soon. 


  1. The dress was awesome you had a nice collection. mostly i prefer online shopping with kohls coupons from because i can save upto 50% discount on actual price even they had latest designs with attractive discounts

  2. I agree with caircair. I used to work at a pawn shop and I've purchased all my wife's jewelry there. trendy jewelry

  3. There are many great pieces of jewelry at Embellish Life. They have very unique pieces!