Monday, June 18, 2012

How to do a split

I LOVE doing splits. Thank's to YOGA. Practicing and teaching yoga for more then 10 years helped me to do so many great things, helped me to feel like in heaven all the time I do it :)) I honestly can't describe how yoga changed my life in 360 degree.
Yes!!! if you don't know yet I'm Yoga teacher for more then 10 years and so proud of it.
I'm gonna talk more about yoga on my blog but now want to talk about split. You can see full complex on my channel - It's  gonna help you to do a split :))
Let's see types of spleet:

Half Split

  • A half split is the easiest to do because it only requires you to stretch one leg completely straight. Sit on the floor with your legs straight out in front of you. Fold your right leg under you and stretch your left leg out behind you. This stretches your hip flexor muscles as well as your gluteus muscles. Alternate legs to achieve even flexibility. It's also a good way to prepare yourself for a full split.

Front Split

  • A front split requires more flexibility of your hamstrings and is done by stretching one leg out completely straight in front of you and stretching the other leg out completely behind you. Your hips should be even with the floor. This stretches the hamstring of the leg in front and the hip flexor of the leg in back. To maintain even flexibility in both legs, you should switch leg positions every time you stretch.

Middle Split

  • A middle split, also known as a straddle, is a difficult split to do and can be done by sitting on the floor and stretching your legs out as far on either side as possible. To increase the stretch, bend over while keeping your back straight. Another way to do a middle split is by sliding down with your legs out to both sides, without letting your buttocks touch the floor. This stretches and strengthens your inner thighs. A complete middle split is getting your inner thighs to be flat on the floor.
Now I can do Front split, for the middle split I need some more time to practice but everything is possible :))))
It's all about practice, every day or at least 4-5 times a week really gonna bring you to your dream. So don't be lazy.
Go check my new video about showing you how to do a split. And I'm telling you everybody can do it  :)))
Video coming soon. LOVE


  1. Привет, Катюша! С переводом в этот раз немного трудновато понимать, нужно срочно видео!Неужели на шпагат можно сесть в любом возрасте?

  2. konechno mozno Katush , ko mne na gruppovie klassi yogi hodila zenshina 50 let, sela na shpagat za 6 mesyazev, ona bila v takoi idealnoi forme, viglyadela na 35, vsem govorila chto eto vse yoga :))))

  3. Вот это, да! Но, ведь мы, Катюш, в большинстве своём такие тёмные люди.Что мы знаем о йоге? Я лично, представляю себе йога спящего на гвоздях, или сидящего в позе лотоса,или стоящего на голове. А ведь это, наверное, целая философия и разновидностей йоги большое множество.В моём арсенале есть куча полезного видео о лечебной гимнастике позвоночника, бодифлексе, оксисайзе, стретчинге, фитнесе, а вот о йоге ничего нет.Мне нужно срочно восполнить пробел и начать заниматься йогой!!!
    P.S.Сегодня я в очередной раз с удовольствием отпахала с тобой 4-ступенчатую "передачу", плавала в луже пота,у моего восторга не было границ, ощущения просо обалденные!Спасибо, мой самый родной тренер на свете!

    1. Net eto tebe spasibo, chto zanimaeshsya so mnoi :)))))))))