Saturday, June 23, 2012

My current makeup favorites

 Everybody's favorite- Urban Decay Naked pallet. I love it, it's my universe pallet, you can create so many looks wit this 12 eyeshadows. And if you still don't own it it's time, you won't regret :))) Thanks to my lovely husband for this gift :))))))
 Here's some swatches
 Physician Formula shimmer strips in Riviera and Happy booster translucent powder.
 This powder is amazing, it smells better then Guerlain Meteorites, and it's honestly boost my happiness :)))
It doesn't have any color to it but it gives your face amazing glow from within. Again for me it's much better then Meteorites. And the little pink heart I'm using as a blush.....
 package is adorable as well, pink :)))))))
 I never own Dior amber diamonds but I have tried so many times and let me tell you this is exact dupe for Dior one. It gives your face that wet glow and shine, it stays on all day. Also you can use it as a bronzer and eyeshadows. LOve, love
 Ok! It's not a joke but if you want your face look like super-model face on the pictures then you have to get this Makeup forever HD foundation (mine is 120) it gonna give you great coverage, flawless face and it's stay on my dry face almost all day. A lot of famous celebrities use this. It;s expensive 40$ but its worth the money
 I use my favorite foundation brush from ELF
 Prada candy perfume - girly and sexy
 Lip fusion collagen plumper in blush, I love everything about this lipgloss
 Chanel bronzer from the this summer collection. It was gift from my husband for Mother's day. It's mat bronzer with just a little hint of gold shimmer. Great for summer
What is your favorites 


  1. О! Катя, тебе повезло - я была бы в восторге если бы мой муж мне подарил эту палетку или что нибудь от Шанэль... Мужчины знают что косметика - отличный подарок для любимой, но твой муж сделал отличный выбор :)

    1. da on znaet chem ya boleu :))) nu a chto muz tvoi???? pust bezit i pokupaet :)))))) dlya svoei lubimoi

  2. Катя!
    Что ты думаешь о другой палетке NAKED 2.
    Тебе не кажется,что она удачнее по цветовой гамме?

  3. Катя, вы как всегда красавица и умница.
    Хотела спросить, не могли вы поделиться ссылками, где можно купить Naked и какова ее реальная цена без доставки? В данное время живу в Таиланде, а тут ее днем с огнем не найти! :(
    Заранее спасибо