Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Some tricks to make legs longer

Today I'm gonna share with you some tricks to elongate legs. Again on the example of my favorite VS models :)) Trick # 1
If the VS models look like they rolled in a pile of glitter before walking the runway, it's because they do—kind of: Before the show, the models get spray tans, obvi. But it's not just your regular bronzy formula. Spray tan expert  adds shimmer powder to it so the models have a golden sheen. You can get the look at home by mixing some shimmery gold shadow with a bronze-tinted body lotion.
Elongate your legs with highlighter.  Instead of lathering up your legs in a shimmery lotion  just apply it in a thin line down the center of your legs. When the light catches the highlighter, it'll visually slim and lengthen them.

Products I use:
Lancome flash bronzer self-tanning leg gel
Summer color Banana boat deep dare color
The balm merry loumanizer highlighter 
Costco face brush

Trick # 2
Nude shoes - nothing will make your legs longer then nude skin color shoes - it's a must have for everybody
Short classic shorts, better if it's gonna be skin color again or beige work good as well, or white like I have
Trick # 3 
Classic dark denim skinny boot jeans and dark shoes, not skinny jeans , they can make your legs look shorter.

This tricks are amazing I promise :)) Make photos before and after so you can compare :)
And don't forget to have beautiful tone legs you have to exercise and do stretching 
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  1. Great post! Interesting & informative! Love your channel too :)
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  2. I like your blog too, keep your great work :)))

    1. Spasibo bol'shoe! And thank you so much for following my blog! I truly appreciate it :)

  3. Хорошие советы!! Джинсы как раз такие люблю! Удлинняют афигенно!!

  4. spasibo za sovety Katush! Tufel'ki bozhestvenny!!!

  5. Катюша, спасибо за супер-советы! Значит, я, правильные джинсы ношу, а то уже хотела покупать узкие трубочки. Катя, было бы здорово научиться ещё и правильно ходить с такими "длинющими ногами".

  6. Катя!
    Но Lancome тестирует на животных свою продукцию!!!

    1. Да и кисточка вроде из натурального ворса...

    2. Ulya moi bronzer or Lancôme uze pochti 1,5 goda ya togda eshe ne sledovala cruelty free. Skoro sdelau novii post ob etom t k mnogo nakopilos mislei ob etom

  7. Спасибо,Катя!
    Я всю косметику,которая тестирует на животных,отдала сестре))))
    Буду ждать видео.